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About BlockCorp

BlockCorp is 2021's online service provider for Growtopia. We provide a wide variety of services ranging from world clearing, all the way to breaking your farmables for you. At cheap prices and quick order completion, BlockCorp strives to bring you to the top, block by block.

BlockCorp Through The Ages

BlockCorp has been through many stages, each with it's own trials and hardships, as well as fun times and good memories. It all started in June 2018 when Bundestag, MediaZeus, and xWeird got together, seeking to provide services to all you Growtopians! They set out to start a company, founding the original BlockCorp. Soon after, they decided to form a partnership with GrowStocks, marking the start of BlockCorp v2. A few months later BlockCorp split back off from GrowStocks, becoming once again independent, in the third and current version of BlockCorp, v3.

Why BlockCorp?

BlockCorp provides cheap, quick, and secure services. Our World Clearing and Dirt Farm Making services provide market prices, but the service is completed in whatever world you want! That means that you dont have to spend all your World Locks on a change of address just to get the world name you want. Our block breaking and ghost busting services allow you to skip the long, boring tasks, and let you spend your time on stuff you actually want to do!

Is It Safe?

Yes! After making your order you may pay through GrowStocks Pay or by directly depositing in the world BLOCKCORP. This payment goes directly to the company, not to the worker. Once your order and payment is verified, a worker will be assigned to the order. Don't worry though, the worker does not get paid until after the order is verified completed. This ensures that your World Locks are in safe hands at all times, so you can have peace of mind that your order is being completed safely and securely. If you are not satisfied with your order, you may ask for a refund (Click Here (after joining our discord server) for more information).